Community Allotment and Orchard

The community allotment is where we grow vegetables and fruit collaboratively.  We share the work, share our knowledge and share the produce!

We meet all year round on Sunday morning at 10-11.30am. During the summer we have evening meet ups that suit the group. We decide what to plant as a group and have a relaxed coordinator (that’s me!) and schedule that allows community members to visit the site outside of these times.

No experience is necessary and there is no minimum commitment.

We welcome people of all ages and abilities.

We are fully funded, have tools to lend and are completely free!

There are lots of ways to get involved from regular weeding and maintainance, mowing, watering in the summer, growing seedlings, planting out, building and maintaining structures. Positions are sometimes available on the committee for clean jobs too. So if you love local fresh veg get in touch to see how your skills can be applied!

To join us, you could send an email or message on Facebook first or pop up on a Sunday morning at 10am.

How we got here and where we are going.

In January 2022 we secured a lease on an unused field of ancient farming land and together set about tearing out brambles!

In March 2022 our first private allotment holders started to move in.

By May 2022 we had a new Orchard planted with 40 mixed fruit trees and dug our first community beds.

In 2023 we put in a permanent path, shed and greenhouse. We had our first full year of growing delicious veg as a group.

2024 and onwards. We have long term plans to build a geodome to extend the growing period, raised beds for accessible growing, a field shelter for educational purposes, soft fruit cages, kids mud kitchen and lots more.

Up coming MUCK-IN days

45 private allotments
Large Community space & orchard

Frequent worries

No experience is required! It is the perfect place to come if you are looking to learn more about growing as it is a collaboration. We share knowledge and skills as well as veg!

The community site has tools that you can borrow while working on the allotments.

We have an organised meet up every Sunday but you don’t have to commit to coming every week. We also have one off projects that need extra hands like building compost bins or clearing. Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll find out when they are planned and you’ll be welcome to share the produce.

Bring them all along!! Plenty of space and a great learning experience, we have a mud kitchen area designated for development.

We have a new path that goes from the carpark up to the community shed. The allotments have grass paths, it is on a gentle hill and retains some of the historic ridge and furrow. We have long term plans to build accessible raised beds with a hard path and espallier trees. If you have any concerns with accesibility please do get in touch. We would be happy to meet you, show you around and see if there is anything we can do to meet your requirements.